A British woman named Samantha Orobator (pictured) has been charged with drug trafficking and is facing the death penalty in Laos. Orobator, 20, was arrested for carrying half a kilo of heroin back in August in the country.

OK, if you're like me and have watched enough of Locked Up Abroad, it's easy to see it's definitely not a pretty thing to be incarcerated in a foreign country. Especially one who believes in 'death by firing squad,' supposedly the sentence for that amount of heroin in Laos, which is what Orobator faces.


The thing is, she's pregnant. On top of that, she became pregnant after she was arrested, and is due to give birth in September. I really don't know what to think here, only that death by firing squad is a super cruel-and-unusual sentence, which totally wouldn't fly in the US. So what if she's not from the US? Homegirl is pregs! I wonder many things upon reading this article: did she get pregnant on purpose to spare her life, or was she raped in prison? Is there any leniency considering she's pregnant, or is Laos so cruel that they would carry through with this? What do you think about Orobator's situation? --Regina

info source:, Locked Up Abroad image: itn news

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