Tonight my girl Nicola, (of Droopy Knickers fame), and I went to Comix to see our favorite Jersey mom impersonator and BUST Boy du Jour John Roberts. I was totally psyched when she told me he was performing, but when I found out that Margaret Cho was on the bill as well, I kind of freaked out. So we get to the show, totally amped, and who jumps on stage to start the set? None other than Flight of the Conchords darling, Kristen Schall! She was beyond adorable and got the show off to a great start.

Then it was time for John. As soon as he appeared, I was screaming like a Brett Michaels groupie. He performed all the favs: Debra , Marge , and some new characters that I'd never seen before, including a New Jersey coke head comedian. This character had a girlfriend named...Dawn! During this skit, John shouted out in a thick Jersey accent, 'DOYN! DOYN! Come look at my bawlls, I found something whed!' I was squealing with delight.

Then Margaret came out to the stage and...
totally killed! She looked amazing, showing off her arm tatts and playing hilarious songs she's been writing. She and John did two duets together, one entitled, 'Fag Hag', and another song about Margaret's dog who is afraid of the wind.


About halfway through the show, as I was falling apart with laughter, I glance to my right and notice that two seats over from me is Murray Hill , CEO of Showbiz! He flashed me a big smile and said, 'Hey, gorgeous!' The night could not have been more awesome.

Here's a video that John and Margaret did together as Marge and Mrs. goooood.

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