If you have fond memories of a twinkle-eyed Santa Claus squeezing his jelly filled booty down your chimney, leave a few presents and maybe chow down on the milk and cookies mom was considerate enough to leave out, be prepared to have those sugar plum fairies knocked right outta your head.

The Truth About Santa, the new holiday play by Greg Kotis, Tony Award Winner (Urinetown), and husband of Bust's Mother Superior columnist Ayun Halliday showcases a twisted, dysfunctional view of what living with the jolly fat bastard is really like, complete with musical elves, tots with superpowers and a Mrs. Claus who wouldn't mind plowing down hubby dearest with a one horse open sleigh.


Before you reach for that cup of eggnog, be full of good cheer by the knowledge that this is indeed a family show...Kotis's family, to be exact. The parental units Greg and Ayun and their kids Inky and Milo, have gone from starring in Ayun's column to starring in this alternative Christmas play.

Visit for show times and ticket information.

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