New Yorkers love food, and part of assimilating to society here is learning to *obssess* about weirdly specific items, like egg creams, cronuts, tacos and of course, pizza.  

 But you know what? I’m from the South. And in the South, food isn’t fancy. We like our food messy and informal. Which is why you will most definitely spot me at the Brooklyn Chili Takedown this Sunday.


 So what’s a takedown you ask? Imagine Top Chef, but more like a party than a cutthroat competition – all of the Takedown contestants are amateurs entering their own recipes. But mark my words, BUSTies: there is no finer chili than homemade chili. And with your $10 ticket, you’ll get to sample all the grub. That’s right, ladies. All of the chili. All 30 entries.

And did I mention a portion of the night’s proceeds will go to benefit the Women’s Education Project? So not only are you chowing down – you’re also making the world a better place for women everywhere….SIMULTANEOUSLY!


 Deets are below. See you there!

 What: Brooklyn Chili Takedown 2015

 When: November 22 from 12pm to 2pm

 Where: The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

 Why: Because chili. Because you’re always hungry anyway.