The New York Daily News and the New York Post totally lost their shit yesterday after topless Times Square performer Maria Diaz brought her 2-year-old daughter to work. The mother-daughter duo appeared with black paint across their chests; mom with a heart covering her breasts, while her daughter bore a simple stripe. Diaz and her daughter arrived on Broadway at 4 p.m., but it wasn’t long before police asked the black-gauze-donned-almost-naked-lady to put a t-shirt on the toddler. 

Allegedly, tourists were revolted by a half naked baby.


“That’s disgusting....a mother should have better judgement,”  Spencer Jones a 31-year-old from Maryland, told the New York Daily News.

His vast experience in street performer paint-covered breasts and motherhood clearly qualify him to make such an assessment…JK.

Louisiana woman Stef Watkins, 32, also supplied her much desired sentiments to the New York Daily News.

“I think she should be covered…the baby…doesn’t understand what’s going on,” Watkins said."There are strange people in the world, and this is Times Square."

Hmm…strange people like maybe the police officers who may or may not have gotten a woman arrested under false pre-tenses of prostitution?  

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First of all, naked babies are nothing new…really. I see them all the time. It seems like the problem with this naked baby is that she was with a naked woman. And Lord knows we’ve got to find some way to sensationalize, scandalize, and criminalize a naked woman and her right to make money, clothes or nah. Shocked and stunned tourists world-over, check it out: we ain’t anywhere close to a land of equality. It's not super easy to make a living, given our relatively unforgiving economy, lower pay for women across the board, and the exorbitant costs of childcare...who knows, maybe Diaz's babysitter called in sick. I don't think motherhood is a panorama of cotton candy, blue-skies, and easy choices. Either way, there just aren't a whole lot of options, especially for working-class women, women of color, or women who might not have access to education. 

Let's stop telling women how to be mothers, let's stop telling them and under what circumstance they can be mothers while we're at it. Let's stop paternalistically projecting our judgements about what is and isn't okay for ladies to do with their bodies when we don't fucking have a clue what their life is like. In fact, maybe let's just stop telling women what to do in general, I'd be hella down for that. 

Also, hey New York Post and New York Daily News, did it occur to you that in ruffling your feathers over a naked girl you were the one sexualizing her? A toddler’s upper half has, as aforementioned, is nothing remotely pornographic. There is nothing wrong with a naked toddler. I repeat: There is nothing wrong with a naked toddler. There is nothing sexual about a naked toddler. I smell some backward analysis and pre-mature body shaming. Ew. 

Image courtesy of the New York Daily News

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