Target has decided to take another progressive leap by throwing out the “boys’” and “girls’” labels on toys, home goods, and entertainment items. Instead, they will switch to using the gender-neutral label “kids’” in these sections of the store. This decision comes after the store says customers raised concerns about unnecessary gender-based signs. 


On Friday, Target released a statement on their website announcing this move away from gender-based labels: "we never want guests or their families to feel frustrated or limited by the way things are presented.” 

Gendered labels will stay in the apparel sections of the store, but Target says that segregating toys, home, and entertainment products by gender is "unnecessary." We couldn't agree more. The store is also removing references to gender by no longer using pink or blue paper on the back walls of shelves.

These changes will start to be seen in stores over the next few months. Hopefully, Target’s decision to remove gender-based labels will encourage other stores to move away from the practice as well, because why can’t girls get Batman bedspreads and boys play with tea sets? Target gets it.


Via NBC News

Images via TheNation and Twitter


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