Fujifilm just released an iteration of their bestselling mirrorless camera, the X-T1, with one crucial difference: the new model, X-T1 IR can see through clothing.

IR can see infrared light and long-wave ultraviolet light, which not only yields some interesting photos (think of that trippy Photobooth filter!), but also the ability to zoom right through thin clothing.


Fujifilm denies creating the camera for voyeurs, insisting it’s designed with crime-scene investigators, healthcare applications, and scientists in mind. The future is here, folks – think of the possibilities! Wired says infrared photography can be used to analyze bloodstains, detect deep-tissue injuries, and see through scratched-out passages on documents.

The X-T1 IR rolls out in October and will run you a nice $1,700 (without a kit lens!?). From what I hear, its predecessor, the slightly less threatening X-T1 model, is outstanding. So, maybe the IR strikes a balance between performance and pervery? 

Via Wired/Images courtesy of Zambelich 


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