Each year, the city of Yulin, China, celebrates the Summer Solstice with a festival. And it’s not a festival until we’re slaughtering and eating dogs, right? (Wrong.) While this long-standing tradition of eating dogs is fading across China, it still remains a strong part of southern China’s culture. Not only have dogs become a treat, but the festival organizers have been accused for unnecessary cruelty and torture when cooking the dogs—and organizations like the Fight for Animal Cruelty Laws in China are fighting against the festival.

So is this woman, Yang Xiaoyun.


This badass 65-year-old woman tried to put an end to this practice. The retired teacher traveled 1,500 miles and spent $1,100 to save one hundred dogs from the summer solstice festival. She runs a shelter in Tianjin called Common Home, where she has over 1,000 dogs rescued from abuse and abandonment.

Xiaoyun not only provides the dogs with food, water, and love, she also provides medical attention.


Common Home is supported by volunteers and donations, and if you’d like to help Yang Xiaoyun continue to save dogs, you can donation instructions can be found at this blog.

Images via boredpanda and faclc.blogspot.com

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