Gone are the days of wearing all black and extra layers when you get your period! No longer must you deal with annoying maxi pads or pantiliners!

THINX has invented a product to end all that: special underwear designed either to be a back up for tampons and menstrual cups or replace them entirely, if you dare. Each pair of underwear has four layers to “ensure each and every pair is completely antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, leak-resistant, and absorbent.”

Despite being really fancy-sounding, you can wash THINX like you would any pair of skivvies. Unlike tampons and pads, these babies aren’t a wear-once-and-throw-away kind of deal.

Currently the company has three styles: Thong, Cheeky, and Hiphugger. The Hiphugger can absorb as much as two tampons (impressive, right?). THINX plans to roll out two more styles, a Sport panty and Boyshorts. With the release of their Boyshorts, the company continues to work towards creating a more gender-neutral look— an idea fitting for a company that wants to start a revolution for your undercarriage.

One key thing to note here? Recently, THINX changed its tagline from “For Women With Periods” to “For People with Periods.” When we spoke with cofounder and CEO Miki Agrawal, she told us, “Our goal is to change the cultural around the time of month.” 

They want to help de-stigmatize the period. Periods aren’t gross, people! Agrawal says, “Through innovation we can really change culture”.

Besides their work in de-stigmatizing the period, THINX wants to help everyone in the world get access to period supplies. Currently they work with AFRIpads to train women to make and sell reusable cloth pads. For every pair of THINX you buy, they send funds AFRIpads in Uganda. Agrawal says they will continue to work with AFRIpads and hope to work with more companies in the future to supply menstrual aid to women all over the world! Keep up the good work, THINX! 

Learn more and buy yourself a pair at shethinx.com.

Images courtesy of shethinx.com

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