An extremely talented woman was denied a film role because of her age, AGAIN. What the f*ck, Hollywood?! In a recent interview with TheWrap, Maggie Gyllenahaal spoke about this absurdity, stating, “I’m 37 and I was told recently I was too old to play the lover of a man who was 55.” That’s an eighteen-year age difference. Ageism is alive and well, people, and we don’t like it one bit.

Gyllenhaal declined to reveal the name of the film, but we know it will cater to a particular audience. Studies show that men are looking for women in their 20s regardless of their own age. Women in that age group account for 23% of roles onscreen, and 30% for their 30s. Meanwhile, women look for men near their age and 53% of onscreen male characters are over 40.


The American Civil Liberties Union is seeking to investigate the notoriously discriminatory film industry. How unfair is it? Allow this helpful infographic via The New York Film Academy to take you on a journey of inequality. Maggie’s not the first to speak out on this ridiculousness. Kristen Stewart and Rose Byrne are fed up, too.


The actress isn’t letting this absurdity get her down. “A lot of actresses are doing incredible work right now, playing real women, complicated women,” she said to TheWrap, ”I don’t feel despairing at all. And I’m more looking with hope for something fascinating.” Hell yeah, girl, hell yeah.

image c/o: The Huffington Post

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