Bad news for anyone who still uses their velvet-embossed, rainbow-colored Lisa Frank pencil case: The Lisa Frank corporation is not “upset so much as disappointed” that Frank’s artwork has been co-opted by the Feminist Lisa Frank blog, which is obviously an awesome explosion of bright colors, kittens, and female empowerment.

The Lisa Frank Corporation has a history of messy PR: Jezebel ran a story about “the rainbow gulag” and the abuse of Lisa Frank HQ workers a bit back, and now Lisa Frank, Inc. has contacted the Feminist Lisa Frank tumblr and asked that they no longer use Lisa’s images without her permission. “It was particularly ironic,” LFI writes, “that Lisa was disrespected in this way to deliver a message of respect for women.”


It’s a bummer that some women choose not to be associated with messages of female empowerment. Why Frank opts out, we’re not sure. We prefer our rainbow puppies and bejeweled kittens WITH Feminist Lisa Frank’s additions, thank you very much.


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