Our new issue is out now (yay!), and we've packed quite a few goodies into its pages for you wonderful BUSTies:

- The adorable Ellie Kemper, star of Tina Fey's new show Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, talks to BUST about where she's been, the culture shock of Bridesmaids, and "girl roles" in the acting industry.


- Spring is beginning to rear her lovely head, and we have some new fashion trends for you to check out! (Hint: leggings, rings, cat shoes... and flowers, duh.)


- We put together a thoroughly researched (you're welcome) vape guide for cannabis usage.

- Did you know Josephine Baker was more than an artist and dancer? Learn more about this badass lady's role as a spy during World War II.

- Amber Tamblyn discusses her amazing new book of poetry focusing on dead young artists. And wait 'til you see what she has to say about Lindsey Lohan...

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