Well, it has officially happened. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced he will be running for president in 2016 (we’re groaning too). Aside from spouting that we Americans need to “return to the truth” and how “it’s going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to make America great again,” Cruz has ironically been the one ending up way behind on the polls, without much support from his colleagues. But alright, Mr. Cruz, we'll humor you—you want the truth?

How about this: our current education system is in the shithole, income inequality is rising and the economy is still nowhere near strong enough to guarantee people can keep their jobs (if they can even find one) after college. That's just a taste, but here are 5 more reasons why electing Ted Cruz for President would be catastrophic:


Obamacare and Birth Control:

He started and continued the government shutdown back in Oct 2013, all because of his beef with Obamacare (let it go dude), and delivered no viable plan for ending it, thus costing thousands of government employees to take a forced leave of absence. Now, he is ready to fight again, and seems unwilling to accept that the Affordable Care Act assists women in more ways than one. The major benefit being that employers must cover contraception without a co-pay, something Cruz intends to eradicate. 

The DREAMers Act:

Cruz opposed the DREAMers Act and was against Obama allowing children of illegal immigrants to become legal U.S citizens. Oh yes, and he wanted to build that huge wall on our border with Mexico, too.

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Violence Against Women Act:

Good ol' Cruz voted "no" to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act which would allow investigations and prosecutions into these crimes that are so often swept under the rug, never to be fully addressed. Unfortunately, his hard "no" comes from the added expansion to protect victims for gay and Native American women. 

Marriage Equality:

Unsurprisingly, Cruz doesn't support gay marriage or marriage equality because he believes in supporting the definition of "traditional marriage". Makes us wonder what his views on traditional divorce are?


And of course, Cruz opposes women's reproductive rights when it comes to abortion. Calling the anniversary of Roe v. Wade decision a "dark anniversary" Cruz has continuously supported bans on any and all taxpayer funding of abortion and bans of partial birth abortion.  


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