It's hard enough to teach a room full of hormonally-unstable fifth graders how to do multiplication, but it's probably much harder when you know you won't be able to TGIF-party down with a couple of beers when the weekend rolls around. 

That's just one hardship teachers faced during the 1920s. Specifically, one hardship female teachers faced. Thanks to a host of sexist and oppressing vintage ads, we already know that having a va-jay-jay back in the day wasn't easy. Now a newly surfaced teaching contract from 1929 brings to light a whole other swarm of bogus rules. Sure, it was a huge step when women were finally allowed to educate in the 1840s, but they were never deemed commanding enough to instruct at the testosterone and y-chromosome-filled university level. 


The Ohio Education Association was celebrating when they posted the image to their Facebook page (which we should, since we've come a long way). Teaching K-12 has mostly been a gals' game, but the professorial world still remains mainly male-dominated. We still have a ways to go before we can say the education system is fully female-friendly but at least until we get there we can loiter in some downtown ice cream shoppes wearing brightly colored clothing that features less than two petticoats. 

Image c/o Ohi Education Association