Our Parents Can't Stop Texting Us About Snowmageddon

Mom and Dad know there's a storm a'comin' and they won't stop texting updates. While the crabby teen inside all of us is thinking GAHHH I HAVE THE INTERNET FOR THIS, there's also something super sweet about the concerned texts prying into our refrigerators, preferred modes of transportation, and (per usual) personal lives.

Never fear, family: We will be taking the local train home, and will be living off vegan cheese and leftover pizza until further notice. Thank you for sending these messages. We love you.


There's plenty of other awesome ones where those came from, including ...

"i am watching some news here where they are starting to tell that from about 7 oclock on subways might not go, or have big delays, or whatever. but be aware of it okay. i don't want to make you panic-y...but I'll do it instead . No, i'm not panic-y either, but just be aware, okay? bye. hope you have a good day."


Mom: Pls be careful in the blizzard. You guys prepared with food? Flashlights? Keep your cell charged and keep us posted.and, yes, I am aware you know all of this, but the mamma in me still needs to say it! Hope the stuffed peppers were good!!!! I love you

Me: Yes we are all set! Remember I did live in Vermont for four winters. Lol
Mom: Yeah but public transpo/power outages in Manhattan would be slightly different than in Burlington, Ma'amy :) Pls call gma.


Voicemail from dad: Hey there, it's Dad, just calling to say hello! I'm assuming you're aware of this snowstorm you're supposed to be getting. Sounds kind of wild, they're saying 20-30 inches of snow! That's a lot of snow! Hope you're doing well. You're probably working. Love you


Thanks to all the BUST parents. To quote anonymous dad... that IS a lot of snow. Stay warm!

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