Maybe you remember Cannibal Cop - maybe you don't. Just in case, we'd like to refresh your memory: 


Last july, NYC cop Gilberto Valle had his conviction overturned. Conviction for whatyou ask? Wanting to eat women, and not in the sexy way we all appreciate. According to BBC, Valle spent 20 months in jail after his wife found documents that notated plans to murder her then turn her into an entree. There were also documents in existence that discussed kidnapping, killing, and eating other women. Valle was released by the judge based off of the call that all of this was simply a "fantasy." 


Just recently a new, exciting opportunity surfaced on the internet - one targeting all the single ladies. If hadn't torn down the profile after Valle began searching for a "nonjudgmental" woman who is a "little kinky ;)" you could have landed yourself a date with the Cannibal Cop.

 His profile, although not yet proven to be authentic, was under the handle "AmicableOne14." What kind of a guy is he? Obviously you're going to want to know before your big dinnerdate. Don't worry - he lists it out for you. He's the kind of man who is "always happy watching a ball game and having a beer." It also nots that he is a "foodie" - right after the picture of him holding a baby in his fashionable turtleneck sweater. 

Average New York cannibal just turning over a new leaf? Looking for love in all the wrong places? We aren't sure we buy it just yet. 

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