Ever wonder what someone is really thinking? Well, Disney Pixar's new film "Inside Out" gives audiences a chance to find out.


The adorable two minute trailer follows a preteen's reaction to the awful, eye-rolling question, "How was school?" The film adheres to parental stereotypes such as the rational mother whose inner thoughts reveal her regret for passing up on a Brazilian pilot, while her absentminded, sports oriented husband remains inattentive.

The movie looks hilarious and includes comedic queens, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling as voices for the characters Joy and Disgust. Other voices include Bill Hader, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith, and Diane Lane. Talk about an all star cast. 


Coming from the Pixar creators of Up, Monsters Inc., and Finding Nemo, this film is sure to make us laugh and cry, but when does Pixar not play with our emotions like that. We're looking at you Toy Story 3.

The film premiers June 2015, but until then check out the trailer below!

video and images c Pixar