J.K. Rowling has officially received a run for her money.

Zoe Snugg, a twenty-four year old youtube star ( known as Zoella), released her debut novel Girl Online. Its main character is a young girl navigating life by blogging. The book was released on November 25th. The first week of sales produced numbers that outsold the first week of sales for (the glorious) J.K. Rowling's debut novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


Let's just take a moment. 

I'm not sure what this bodes about the millennials. The Harry Potter novels are things of days gone by, but they are far from forgotten. It seems odd to me that pre-teens are now reaching for books based on blogging girls just as fast as my fellow 90's babies reached for the magical world of Hogwarts. 


Snugg deserves a round of applause for her self-made success, of course,but how did it happen?

Did it help that she has thousands upon thousands of Youtube subscribers, Twitter followers, etc.? Uh, duh. However, when you get down to it the novel is selling because its plot line is relatable to most of the girls who are in middle and high school right now. Understanding this was Zoe's first hook-line-and-sinker. She is congratulated for reppin' the females well. 

I wanted nothing more to escape to Harry's world when I was a child. I saw obvious flaws within my own when I could not use "accio" to levitate food into my mouth. My current counterparts, however, are more about the world as it is now - which appears to be the internet. Or the breaking there of. 

images c/o Youtube