Last Wednesday the United State's failed again. Charges were not pressed against Eric Garner's assailant, a U.S. police officer, who was responsible for Garner's death. This is the second time in the last two weeks that a grand jury, in the Land of the Free. has not indicted police officers responsible for unjust deaths. 



Coffins were seen being carried across the Brooklyn Bridge on Thursday in response to the public's disappointment.


As thousands in New York City flooded the streets to protest, New York City's Mayor de Balsio released that NYC police would be re-trained on more affective ways to remain calm while making arrests. It was also stated that they would  be fitted with body cameras.


It is doubtful that body cameras will make a difference. The footage from an onlooker present during Garner's assalt did nothing to help sway in favor of indictment.

Meanwhile, a video has surfaced of Esaw Garner, Eric Garner's wife, giving rebuttal to the  "condolences" of her husband's murderer. Esaw says everything we've all been wanting and waiting to hear - and the crowd clapping in the background proves it. 



Videos and Images c/o Hey!LookSyracuse, and Cooperativa