Lately it seems that everyone has been listening to the Serial podcast (BUST included!), a story told weekly to figure out if Adnan Syed is truly guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. The hit podcast is currently number one on iTunes and its dedicated listeners are discussing their own theories. The current obsession has inspired three comedians to make a parody.

Upright Citizen Brigade comedians, Paul Laudiero, Zach Cherry and Will Stephen are behind this hilarious joke. So far the three have created five videos, the most recent two released last night.


Salon noted, “Laudiero makes it clear that they are not trying to make light of the murder, but rather tease the specific storytelling method of Serial."

The comedians improvise bits of the podcast that they find most interesting. Stephen perfectly mimics the voice of  the host of “Serial” Sarah Koenig. All in good spirit, the comedians are honest in observing Koenig’s methods. There are times when Koenig says, “This piece of evidence may not be important but I’m going to tell you anyway,” and will not mention it again! The comedians latch on this and match her style.

In the most recent episode, “Cold Calls,” Stephen starts, “Hi this is Sarah Koenig from the Serial Murder Podcast. I'm calling to ask you where you were for 20 minutes, 15 years ago.” The guy answers with, “Is this a prank call? Is this Rob?”

Fans of the podcast know that those 20 minutes are crucial. It’s that time frame that Adnan Syed does not have an alibi and led to being convicted.

There are no spoilers in the videos, so you can listen to these while you wait for next Thursday’s episode.