In June, Hobby Lobby became the world’s most infamous craft store after the Supreme Court ruled that the company could deny employees' birth control based on religious objections. Of course, this landmark decision has open up a stream of terrible implications regarding birth control rights for other employees across America, potentially limiting access for those who cannot afford expensive, out-of-pocket prescriptions. 

This past weekend, the Obama administration made obtaining birth control possible for many employees of religious, nonprofit companies that object to covering contraceptives. If any religious nonprofits find themselves feeling some Hobby Lobby type of way, they now must contact the Department of Health and Human Services. 


Once notified, the Department will approach an independent insurer that will fund the price of birth control methods not covered by the company - allowing all women to receive contraceptives that are listed in the Affordable Care Act. 



For now, this is a great solution for many workers who cannot afford contraception on their own. Only time will tell if this will hold up in court (we’re keeping our fingers crossed), but until then, let’s keep searching for solutions like these to fill the birth control void some businesses are causing! 


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