When the justice system actually convicts rapists (without victim harassment, light sentences, etc.), we applaud them for doing the jobs they are hired to do. Cases like the one in Steubenville were so horribly mishandled that any documented rape cases make us happy when a perpetrator is handed the sentence they deserve. 



Without proper punishments, injustice continues. For example, take the fact that one of the Steubenville rapists was allowed to return to the football team after spending only a year in juvenile jail. 

Online news channel The Young Turks examines the issue thoroughly in the above video. They point out that while it is still legal for Ma’lik Richmond, the convicted rapist, to return to the team, it is highly unethical to place the value of athletics above the safety of a woman/fellow student. What kind of message does that send to the girls and boys in that town?


While you may be thinking, “No way! He’s done his time, let him live his life," the safety of female students should still be important to those in Steubenville. TYT asks you to consider this: Students get kicked off of sports teams all the time for bad grades, bad attitude, drug use, etc. But rape is not enough to kick someone off the team? 

Let us know what you think about this all too common injustice that’s happening again today. 


Image via ABC20/20.


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