Tavi Gevinson Reminds Us Why She is the World's Coolest Teenager





I don't remember the exact moment I discovered Tavi Gevinson's blog Style Rookie, only that I interpreted her shrines of teenage girlhood via Goody barrettes, Barbie clothes, Freaks and Geeks posters and Comme des Garcons ads as the work of a mastermind. A mastermind in Miu Miu pumps and granny shawls. I was in awe and continued to read her blog with a sort of feverish glee for years. 


I wish I turned my Girl Scout patches into something this rad.


Although today, at an ancient 18 years old, this dynamo is less focused on fashion and high school life (she graduated this past May), she is still someone I look up to as fierce, funny and fearless feminist. And she's 7 years younger than me. 


The former BUST cover girl is now gracing the front of New York Magazine, talking about her life leading up to her current starring turn in the revival of Kenneth Lonergan's play This is Our Youth. Jessica, her character, is one of three young kids on the cusp of their twenties living in Manhattan in 1982. Michael Cera and Kieran Culkin also star in the production, which moves from Chicago's Steppenwolf to Broadway on August 18th. So snag a ticket now because I and the rest of woman and humankind will be clamoring to see this bad boy at the Cort Theatre. 


Actors cheesin' for the camera. THEY'RE JUST LIKE US!


The show, which deals with drugs, adolescence and maturity in the midst of 80's materialism, seems like an appropriate stage debut for Gevinson, who is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Rookie Mag, an online magazine geared towards teenage girls, since so much of her public persona thus far in her career has been about growing up and discovering her own unique identity. Surely, few other burgeoning actresses could so adeptly infuse her performance with such divergent experiences while growing up, like, "a summer afternoon when she...sat on a couch and watched a 25-hour television marathon... [which] occurred not long after a trip to Paris when she met Karl Lagerfeld." 



I totes wore a Michael Kane dress worth more than my first car when I was 18. Also in my mom's kitchen.


Now, I don't know about you, fellow BUST readers, but that was not a common occurrence during my formative years as a teenage girl. What really just astounds me about this pint-sized wunderkind is that she built all of this herself, starting at age 12. Her blog, her magazine, her acting career, hell, her virtual empire, began because she recognized the unique experience that is adolescence, especially for girls, and decided to document it. She possesses a fearless originality that could not be dampened by kids teasing her in middle school because she decided to dye her hair a particular shade of grey, and I am certain that that confidence will carry her on towards a luminous career. And by career I mean she will take over the world. Because if there is one thing I have learned by watching Tavi grow from slightly awkward pre-teen to a bonafide fashion and soon-to-be Broadway star, is that she is just really fucking cool. 


I mean, come on, you have to have some a serious swagger to pull this look off.

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