So we all knew Ruth Bader Ginsburg is amazing.  But lately it seems like word’s gotten out—her fan base is expanding well past the political sphere and into the pop-culture world.  Thanks to a rising social media trend in her honor, Ginsberg has been featured on t-shirts, is the subject of the brilliant tumblr Notorious RBG, and has been the inspiration for a rap music video and many, many memes. 


In an interview with Katie Couric this week, Ginsburg gives a tour of her fabulous Supreme Court collar collection, talks about women’s rights and the Hobby Lobby decision, and reacts to her newfound internet fame. 


Isn’t she amazing?  I want her to be ruler of the universe and my grandma at the same time. 


I also completely love how she’s totally feminist and fabulous and 100% proud of it.  Plus, she’s in a position to advocate for her beliefs—and she uses that position well. 

I’m honestly convinced that she’s the coolest person ever. 

Who’s your favorite woman in politics?  Comment below and tell us about her!  

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