In the immortal words of TLC, a scrub is a guy who "hangs out the passenger side of his best friends ride trying to holler at me" (us). I'd like to add an addendum to this sage lyric: a scrub is also a guy that doesn’t only holler out of the window of a car, but even just when a lady is walking down the street.


I’ve always wondered what goes through these annoying sickos' heads when they yell things like “Ay, mami,” or “C'mon, baby, give me a smile.” I’ve always just ignored them. However, one woman boldly did the opposite - she went up to the perpetrators and asked them just why they did what they did.

The Youtube account CardsAgainstHarassment has countless videos like this, with millions of views, of filmed interactions with these creepers and it’s shocking to hear these men’s responses.

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We NEED to start teaching men that behavior like this is not okay. It’s a shame that we live in a society that teaches women that we should just ignore the harassment, thus allowing men to get away with this sort of behavior.

In some of her confrontations you even hear men apologize, because for once in their life they are being held accountable for their disgusting hollering. It’s kind of a beautiful thing.

This woman, Lindsey, has started CardsagainstHarassment, a project to counter this sort of street harassment and I suggest you check out our previous article on the project. 


Photo credit: duckyfem  

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