So Kanye West gets on stage at the Wireless Festival London 2014 and starts talking to the audience about how invasive the paparazzi is. Seems normal and totally not insensitive and non-abusive at all, right? 

Well, then Mr. West compares the feeling of not wanting to be photographed in public with being raped. He says the following, "Sex is great with you and your partner. But if one of the people don't want to do that, what is that called? That's called rape. That's called violation." Because the politics behind consensual sex and rape are EXACTLY the same as the politics of being a celebrity in the public eye. Not to mention that it’s completely invasive of him to ascribe similarities between the situations, given that the trauma that comes as a result of being raped or assaulted is not the same as the visible anger and frustration that Kanye (and other celebs) display.


Sorry being a celebrity is so hard, Kanye. But don’t compare your situation with that of people who have been raped.  


Watch video here. 


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