After a few days of relatively calm news coverage on the matter, Boko Haram have unfortunately resumed their acts of terror in Nigeria. On June 18, the terrorist group kidnapped 60 more women, including some as young as 3 years old, and killed 30 men in a village raid. 

After completely stripping it off all food and supplies, the group used petrol bombs to destroy the village of Kummabaza in Borneo. 


According to CNN, news of this attack was halted due to the destruction of local telecom masts and few survivors making the journey out of the destroyed village alive. The report then goes on to state that the group intends to enforce Sharia law in Northern Nigeria.  

The Islamic extremist group greatly opposes the "Western" concept of  educating women. In April, they made international news when they kidnapped 234 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria and threatened to sell the abducted girls “in the marketplace.”



Despite media activism and the US government’s promise to send in troops to rescue the girls, any attempts have been unsuccessful. The twitter trend #BringBackOurGirls brought a large crowd of social media attention to the horrific acts, but traffic around the movement has since died down. 

Boko Haram continued to attack cities in Nigeria since the April abductions, massacring of innocent citizens. Clearly, the group has no intentions of backing down despite the threats of intervention. If international efforts to stop this militant, extremist group do not increase, it is likely we will see more acts of this kind. Not only do we need to #BringBackOurGirls, but we need to stop Boko Haram. 


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