Let me preface this lighthearted article about a funny website by saying we understand that not all straight white boys text like this. We get it.

What almost every girl can bond over is the experience of trying to have a regular conversation with a guy when oh no- they try to make it sexual way too fast. Since when does telling a guy you just ate some celery mean I want a picture of your penis?


Every girl knows the tricks. “Want to play 20 questions?” means “I’m going to ask you uncomfortable questions about your body and you have to answer.” Don't even get me started on Truth or Dare. Just mentioning that you’re going to take a shower brings on an unwarranted winky face accompanied by “Can I join you?” Ugh, gross.

That’s why the tumblr blog Straight White Boys Texting is so stinkin' relatable. Girls screen cap their experiences when boys try to take a sexual turn too fast in the conversation and submit them to this blog where other girls can cringe and giggle at the uncomfortably close to home situations.


I spent my whole Friday night surfing this blog and cackling to myself in my bed alone. That night while I was trying to get to sleep, I started seriously thinking about this phenomenon of guys just smashing through casual conversations with their sexual agenda. It all comes back to patriarchal privilege, and how some men assume that their quest for sex is more important than whatever the woman is already talking about.

By calling out these dudes for being gross (and using embarrassingly outdated phrases like "get jiggy with it"), Straight White Boys Texting holds them accountable for their actions and raises awareness about this weird phenomenon. Women worldwide are connecting over their similarly gross experiences with male privilege and sexual assumption. 

'Nuff said.

Photos via straightwhiteboystexting.tumblr.com

Mary Rockcastle is a florist, illustrator, and craftswoman living in Rochester, New York. She’s the sole founder of Little Lamb Studios, and #1 biggest fan of all dogs.