Beyoncé Fan Fiction Twitter Reveals Queen B's Royal Alter Ego

Beyoncé is the definition of famous. She's loved and praised by pretty much everyone that walks the earth--well, that assuming The Beygency captures all the haters.

And except for a recent incident involving her sister Solange and Jay Z, Queen B. has managed to keep her personal life out of the papers. In fact, she always seems to beat the paparazzi to the punch by either releasing a public statement, or spontaneously making a documentary about herself.


Beyoncé's rabid fans revere her for her astounding singing/performing, her poise, and her ridiculous good looks. Still, one can't help but wonder how Beyoncé carries herself in her private life, and whether the persona she's presenting to the world is accurate.

Are Beyoncé and Jay Z really married? Is Blue Ivy a real baby? Is Beyoncé a robot or is she immortal, or both?

Tweeter and blogger Spencer Niemetz has taken these fantasies to a whole new level. Using Twitter as his medium, Niemetz is currently in the midst of an epic ongoing Beyoncé Fan Fiction saga. In the story, Beyoncé assumes a royal Queen B ego, and does not apologize for it. She possesses magic powers, she can control the forces of nature, her best friend is Michelle Obama, her enemy is Gwyneth Paltrow (of course), and she has an underground herb farm beneath her mansion. I'd like to think that Beyoncé is nothing like this evil rendering, but it's also kinda fun to imagine her perfection spoiled--she can't really be THAAAT perfect, right? RIGHT?

Below are a few of our fave tweets from the page. Once you're there, read from the bottom up. Comment below and tell us your favorites!

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