The ladies from the Canadian magazine WORN Fashion Journal are hosting a panel, Strong Female Leads: Beyond Algorithms in Publishing, this Wednesday May 14th at 7pm. The panel will address the role of women in the publishing industry, and will feature our own Laurie Henzel, along with some other powerhouse ladies, all talking about the challenges of creating woman-focused content in a heavily male industry.

The event will be held at The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, in celebration of WORN's latest book, out on Drawn and Quarterly now! 

Joining Laurie, will be Ayesha A. Siddiqi (the Ideas Editor at Buzzfeed), Marjon Carlos (writer and cultural critic), and Serah-Marie McMahon (the Editor-in-Chief of WORN Fashion Journal) and Fiona Duncan will moderate the discussion.


Have magazines like BUST changed the role of women in the publishing industry? Have female professionals successfully created their own space in this field? What is it like to be a rad woman in publishing? Come find out at the panel this Wednesday!

For more details, check out our calendar or visit the website here!