Lucy CostumeEver since I ordered somewhere in the vicinity of 350 billion paper lanterns for my wedding last year (the hanging of which was a total it'll-be-funny-later sitch, P.S.), I get almost daily offers from Oriental Trading . Wacky novelties, craft ideas, party supplies...seriously, they've emailed me about everything. I don't usually get around to opening them--I'm only just laughing about those lanterns, after all--but I couldn't resist taking a look at their 60% off Halloween items. And I'm so glad I did, because check out this amazing costume: a full Lucille Ball get-up, in all its iconic glory, for less than $25!


Granted, you could achieve the same effect just as well (and way cheaper) with a vintage dress and crinoline, some temporary hair color and a lot of bobby pins, but I'm just insanely stoked on the mere idea of going as Lucy for Halloween. I'd totally do this if I didn't already have my costume figured out--if I can't be as hilarious and brilliant as she was, I can at least try to cop her style.

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