Wooow, Obama is on a roll! First, he placed pressure on the Education Department to confront schools that mishandle sexual abuse claims AND THEN he released this awesome campaign to address sexual assault statistics! Even better: this PSA is gonna get a ton of air time on TV, in movie theaters and even in military installations. Everyone is gonna get educated!

Obama, Joe Biden, Steve Carell, Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Dule Hill and Seth Meyers are like knights in shining armor during this PSA. All of these dudes have one thing in common: they want to end sexual assault, came together to raise awareness and offer a slew of suggestions. The whole campaign uses statistics to remind everyone how common sexual assault actually is…and that we should not accept it as a reality.

"1 is 2 Many" acknowledges all of the additional shit that comes with sexual assault, like victim blaming, comments that promote violence, and how often people witness these crimes and don’t intervene. The ad is full of suggestions, but the underlying message is that we all need to talk about this shit and END IT. I love all of the guys who came forward to speak up and I have full faith that they all cherish and protect women. Biden says, “If I saw it happening I was taught you have to do something about it.” That seems like such a simple solution, yet so often people walk away from these situations. You can find some of our advice on intervening here.


This video asserts that sexual assault is everywhere, and that women shouldn’t endure this treatment anymore. Sexual assault is a crime and dominates the lives of many, so its time to make a change! Dule Hill quips, “I don’t want to be a part of the problem,” and Seth Meyers follows up with, “I want to be a part of the solution.”

YES, THIS IS WHAT WE NEED: ALLIES. If everyone looked out for one another we would all feel a lot safer. So, spread the good word to all of your friends and family to make the world a little kinder for our sisters, daughters, wives, friends, students and even strangers. We all deserve care equally. You can find more info here!

Images Courtesy of 1 is 2 Many

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