My rage can't even take a break for Easter.

Not even this most fortuitous Easter, the Sunday of which the mystical 20th day of the 4th month falls upon. This viral video rabbit looks like she's straight chilling jacuzzi-style, but could actually be in shock.


It's kinda like how doctors tell you Q-tips are actually bad for your ears, and you really don't need any Summer's Eve--some things, like ears, vaginas, and certain pets, clean themselves. Rabbits are like cats. They don't like water, and they don't need baths.


Remember the golden holiday rule: the day may last 24 hours, but a living, breathing present can't be re-gifted. If spring has melted your icy heart and you feel like you're up for the challenge of caring for another being, please think it through for the animal's sake. Being a good pet owner is its own reward.

So if you're thinking of primping your bun up for a furry Easter celebration, skip the suds! Your rabbit will be clean and thankful. 

I mean...they mix a little. Here's another Bugs Bunny gif for you on that special Sunday.

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