Book Cover ImageOkay, that's it--I am now officially in love with Summer Rayne Oakes. Let me count the ways: Her modeling work is totally activist-based. She's a Cornell grad, Udall Scholar and Natural Wildlife Federation Fellow. She works closely with the Discovery Channel's Planet Green, writes for the Huffington Post and even created a pilot program called ECOFASHION 101 that engages K-12 students in environmentalism by linking it to their traditional curriculum. Seriously, her resume is just a never-ending list of awesome.

And here's the latest: Oakes' first book, Style, Naturally: The Savvy Shopping Guide to Sustainable Fashion and Beauty is set to release on Chronicle this December. Fine, maybe it's a tad early to get stoked, but this is like the iPhone of sustainable-style pubs; unreasonable excitement is just part of the process. According to Chronicle's website, Style explains the basics of eco-friendly fashion, showcases some amazing green designers and teaches the master tenets of shopping responsibly. Plus, it's supposedly crammed with gorgeous photos and resources, the ultimate candy for info-seekers like me.


Pre-order your copy from Chronicle now, and check out Summer Rayne's incredible green blog and Planet Green columns.

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