If you have an online dating profile, and you are an attractive young woman, chances are online dating is an eerily hellish experience that abruptly introduces you to your sexual objectification. If you get maybe 5 minutes into a convo with a potential beau without a dick pic, you consider it a success and apparently you are not alone. 


After this man posed as a women for only 2 hours online before having to call in quits/had his mind blown about gender oppression, it's apparent you are not alone. Creepers troll the internet 24/7 and you are bound to come into their cross-hairs at some point in your online existence. 

That's why we want your horror stories. We are collecting the worst of the worst from our readers, to both expose the so-infuriating-it's-almost-hilarious truth about being harassed online when you put yourself out there a little and dudes think you are ready to meet them in a gas station bathroom.

Comment below with your stories, or venture on over to our Facebook page and leave your screenshots as a comment on this story post (screenshots definitely encouraged!). We will be collecting stories/photos for about a week, and posting the best of them in a blog. Share with your friends and feel free to share more than one story! 


Happy troll-blocking!