"It is a straightforward as ordering a salad with no olives" reads the punch line in this spot-on blog post about the not-so-blurred lines of consent. (Yes, we are glaring at you Robin Thicke and every radio station to play the shit out of that horrible song).

A simple story of a lady date between two cousins turns into a deeply thoughtful and compelling narrative about the importance of consent, the horrid abundance of victim blaming that occurs even within ourselves, the sick permeation of rape culture, and the simple truth that consent is really not that difficult to understand. 

"Newsflash, people - we’re not so fucking incompetent as to not understand what 'yes' and 'no' mean. It took me a long time to understand that I did not bring those unpleasant experiences on myself. I suppose in one sense (and one sense alone) I have to thank that pushy waitress, for jolting me into realizing that I had not been to blame."

As to not spoil your read, click here for the full article on The Vagenda. 



Thanks to The Vagenda

Image via Pink Loves Consent