When we’re young, we’re told that sex is an act of love or affection; we grow to understand that our vaginas can be sources of intimacy and pleasure. But with all these modern demands on how our vaginas are supposed to look and smell, it gets confusing. The “cool” pubic hairdo changes from week to week, and we are bombarded with images of the ideal vagina, in all its neat, tight, perfumed and symmetrical glory. 



You probably know about vaginal rejuvenation serums and surgeries, but have you heard about vaginal steaming? The new trend is just what it sounds like: first you boil water with a delicious-smelling herb like thyme or tarragon, and then you squat above the pot, letting the yummy steam penetrate your nether regions. Apparently, the deluxe spa treatment is ideal for the days following your period, when your vajayjay might need a little extra dose of cleansing and “balancing.” Before you head to the spa, you might want to check with a doctor: is that safe?

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If steaming is something you’d enjoy, go for it! But the plethora of recent vagina trends seem to be sending us the baffling and disheartening that our lady parts aren’t enough on their own: they’re too loose, too floppy, too smelly. And that’s damaging, especially when we’re talking about such intimate parts of our bodies. So throw out those vaginal “ideals:” whatever we choose to do with our vaginas-- from the steamed and vajazzled to the uniquely unkept-- is our right, and no one can tell us otherwise. 


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