If you don't have an overly-critical mother like the rest of us, don't worry--Microsoft is developing a bra that will tell you when you need to stop eating. Yes, I don't know who thought this would be a good idea either, but it's a thing so let's talk about it. 

As you can see in the highly-scientific diagram above, the bra is lined with an EKG that alerts the wearer when their heart rate indicates stress. This alert comes via a handy-dandy app that oh-so-kindly says "Hey, looks like you're stressed and we saw you bought that pack of Oreos yesterday...Don't do it, man."


I sincerely hope this is part of the next Victoria's Secret Fashion show. I would very much like to see Tyra walking down the runway while simultaneously stuffing her face in order to prove science. 


The weirdest part? It actually sort-of works. Initial tests have proven the contraption is effective in detecting emotional changes. It's really just a matter of time as to revealing whether this is actually an important tech innovation or just another step toward the impending I, Robot apocalypse.


Thanks to Gizmodo

Image via Gizmodo