that don't fit and give the world an unintentional, back-gap, peep show whenever you bend down. isAbelt is a clear, adjustable, virtually invisible belt that keeps those jeans in place and your waist streamlined, so you don't have to wear a regular-old, heavy, bulky belt.

Since I like my belts to show, my personal fav is isAbelt Jr-Skull style complete with cute skulls and pink lips graphics. It's super fun, really comfortable, and fits up to a junior's size 12 (women's size 12-14). All other isAbelt's come in junior's, women's, and plus-size women's styles.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and isAbelt has an awesome pink ribbon Breast Cancer awareness belt! Even cooler, a percentage of its' proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation to help find a cure for Breast Cancer and raise awareness.

Have fun choosing your own personal fav isAbelt!

xoxo- Mara Cates

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