It's the start of another week, which means it's time to face the struggles of life anew. What better to combat that with than videos of small and fuzzy animals doing ridiculous stuff?! There's nothing that says "I'll worry about those taxes later!" quite like a clip of a hamster stuffing ten carrots into his cheek pouches. In that spirit, we've prepared for you a clip-a-day to keep productivity away! Happy squealing. 


On Monday, we are all a Bun Bun...a.k.a. a kitten so confused with the universe that he seems capable of little more than walking in horizontal lines. 


What's better than one baby wolf howling?

...a bunch of baby wolves howling:


"I can't think of the last Wednesday I had that didn't leave me feeling like a wiener dog stuck in the sleeve of a sweater." -- Me, every Wednesday, from this day forward.


Okay, so apparently I am really behind the times in that I have never seen this video before. Sorry, I was busy doing all of those aforementioned taxes. But now that I have renounced my corporate ways, I have watched this at least ten times and it still isn't getting old. 


Omgomgomgomgomg it's Friday! I am sure that's definitely what all of these otters were thinking. Either that or about some sort of raw fish pulp. They're really one in the same, anyway.


This puppy represents what every Saturday 3PM wakeup is like (you know, after ottering all night the day before). This video could probably be a little more accurate if the puppy had a lot of smudged eyeliner and and glitter of unknown origins in its fur. 


Image via Cutest Paw



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