A video has been floating around the internet (and by floating I mean, bombarding my news feed): a series of interviews with children on gay marriage. The video starts by showing the kids two viral videos of dramatic gay marriage proposals and testing their reactions. It’s pretty amazing because not all of the children share the same sunny outlook on gay marriage, but they represent a hopeful generation of future open-minded adults. In addition to me getting the activist fuzzies, these kids are so damn cute.


I love the little boy who asks why Justin Beiber is proposing to a man or the older boy who asks how Home Depot sanctioned a flash mob. If you want to feel a little jollier about life, this video is a must see. The video digs deep with questions of religion and morality. The children reply poignantly, likening marriage restrictions to slavery and citing civil rights. This video is the best. Just watch it! Promise?


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I believe the children are the future!


Thanks to Hollywood Gossip

Image via Hollywood Gossip

Video via YouTube

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