OK, So it's not quite Halloween, but watching this video gave me the spooktacular warm fuzzies.

Let me start out by saying, RuPaul has a web series in which he interviews celebrities while driving. This week he interviewed Elvira, a.k.a Cassandra Peterson. She is out of costume, and he is out of drag. 


The world is going to explode, I swear.


In the spirit of Halloween, RuPaul and Cassandra dig in about how “Elvira” became so popular. They also discuss important topics like how to dress like Elvira for Halloween, if they will ever retire, and which Elvira appearances were Cassandra’s favorites.



She is so down to earth and wonderful. I remember watching her narration over Halloween movie marathons as a kid. It’s amazing to see this woman who has been a Halloween icon for so long sans costume.


Their cuteness together makes me want to go out and hit the town with whatever cute friends I may or may not have.


On a side note, RuPaul drive is a genius way for RuPaul to reach out to fans and give them a glimpse into the person behind the makeup. Love him in and out of drag!



Thanks to Atlantic Wire

This post was published on October 30, 2013

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