Yesterday we brought you Kristen Schaal’s “The Sexy Vagina” costume, but today is a new day to talk about our lovely lady bits. And what’s the best way to start off your day? With some good 'ole period talk! 

Ah yes, menstruation, a truly blissful time for every woman. Obviously I’m being sarcastic, because for most ladies, that week really sucks. One minute I’m laughing, the next I’m in pain, and then oh wait, what do you know, I’M CRYING OVER AN EPISODE OF THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI??? 


But to ease the tension of our periods, YouTube user Lena D (no not the GIRLS star), created “Period Piece,” a song that gives levity to our monthly bill. As she says on the description of her video, “The goal of this song is to reduce shame and embarrassment that women feel regarding their time of the month.” And yes, girl, you did it right!


Lena getting caught in the act and showing some period love!

Watch as Lena throws period names like “Un-Pregnation” and “Leak Week,” and dance with other ladies sporting red ribbons in a high school. It’s like if Glee and The Vagina Monologues had a baby, this would be the creation. Also, I bet you’ll have “It’s my perioddddd!” stuck in your head all day.

Thanks to Elite Daily and YouTube

Images via YouTube