Comedic duo Whitley and Jordan have an insightful, brave, and totally entertaining new video entitled Things White People Don’t Understand. The two women have both witnessed and been the victims of casual ignorance, and luckily they aren’t going to stand for it. 



The lesson is divided into two topics: hair and everything else. They start with hair: “Not everyone’s hair looks like yours,” they remind viewers. They are sick of hearing, “What did you do to your hair?” in response to natural hair textures. Also, everyone needs to stop asking to touch non-white hair; simply put, “You’re not allowed to touch it ‘cause I’m a human.” People of different races have different hair-washing habits, and none of them are gross, end of story. 


The two move on to everything else. Everyone needs to understand that individuals’ lineage is complex and deserves consideration; for example, not all Asian Americans are from China, and not all African Americans are from Africa. And “everyone is not trying to look white” if they choose to straighten their hair or wear blue contact lenses. 

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The women simply ask for respect from white people so that we can all be “friends.” And these ladies look like the best friends ever! Watch the video below and check out their site.


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Video and image via YouTube

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