Last night, Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America 2014. Yet, the aspiring cardiologist and Syracuse, New York native isn’t receiving the kind of congratulations customary. The reason? She’s Indian-American. 

The second the crown touched her head, everyone with a Twitter account and an IQ of less than 65 took to the internet to voice their outrage at the fact that a “terrorist” had just won the Miss America title. You heard me. Being non-white apparently = being a terrorist these days!

Don't worry guys, she says she's not a racist so it's cool.


I think the only person who has forgotten 9/11 is Anthony Ridgeway...

And the boring white male thinks his opinion is worth its weight in gold. Classic.

Isn’t it endlessly frustrating to watch troves of idiots come out of the woodwork for the sole purpose of berating this woman based on her heritage? I thought maybe the world had gotten over that sort of thing, but apparently there are people who think calling this woman “Miss Al Qaeda” doesn’t make them look like the brain damaged one in the equation. In the mean time, I guess we just have to remember that you may be successful, beautiful, highly intelligent and well-spoken...But if you’re not white? Fuggedaboutit. 

Naturally, Davuluri brushed off the unfounded criticisms just as quickly as they came. She addressed the negativity in her first press conference following the crowning: “I have to rise above that. I have always viewed myself as first and foremost American. I’m so happy this organization has embraced diversity.”

Right on, Miss America.


Thanks to Jezebel and USA Today

Images via BuzzFeed and NY Daily News

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