Today is Friday the 13th, and you might be on edge-- if you believe in that sort of thing, anyway. Images of doom and gloom and evocations of supernatural occurrences amused us as kids: black cats, broken mirrors, indoor umbrella use, and under-ladder walkways, etc...But for some, those unlucky symbols still mean something. This button is for those who intently follow those customs.


The Make Everything OK button is a tool to calm the user. After pressing it, a progress bar manifests itself, illustrating the idea that whatever stress an individual is enduring will pass—with time. This brief moment can be a very meditative time when one takes advantage of it. So, if you’re finding yourself in a pickle on Friday the 13th, or any day of your life that isn’t particularly smooth, please use this button. It’ll be okay. Really.

Of course, bettering your mood all starts with you taking action—like pressing a button, for instance. While there’s no guarantee that it will actually be okay, the important thing is you tried. Knowing that you did try should change your perspective on things. I hope.

Thanks to the Make Everything OK button.

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