Have you ever been to bar trivia and wondered why they're always hosted by 30-something white dudes who seem to think everyone else on the planet is super into baseball and Larry David? Or thought to yourself as you try to remember the names of all the sequels to Marvel comics movies, "Couldn't they have just asked me about lady-fronted rock bands instead?" Then our trivia night is the trivia night for you!


Join us in Brooklyn this coming Wednesday, September 11, for the inaugural edition of BUST Trivia Night, where we promise not to ask you anything about sports, movies starring Sylvester Stallone, or video games. This is of course not to say that women don't know stuff about these subjects--ask me about Louisville basketball or Stallone's classic arm-wrestling drama Over the Top anytime--but just to point out that sometimes we'd like to show off all the stuff we know about say, Winona Ryder, or the grossly underrated film work of Beyoncé. 

The first place team wins a $30 bar tab and second place wins $15, so make sure you spend this weekend studying your lady-friendly pop culture if you want to get drunk on a school night.

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The details:

BUST Trivia Night, Wednesday, September 11, 8 PM

Bar Matchless, 557 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Hopefully we'll see you tonight!


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