Whenever I come across an article about the world’s latest wonder-child, I think back to how my ten-year-old self was incapable of accomplishing little more than consuming every episode of Sailor Moon. But the youths of today are a whole different story. Motivation? Vegetables? Science?! This time, a 13-year-old has revolutionized the way humans and pets can interact with each other at long-distances.

Brooke Martin, who just started the ninth grade, is the genius behind the iCPooch: a device that enables the user to video chat with his or her pet. It even has a function that dispenses treats (cute!). It was conceived with the hope to end the separation anxiety many pets feel when their owner is on vacation or even just out for a day’s work (not to mention the separation anxiety I feel when I hear my dog start howling the second I close the front door).



A current prototype with packaging...Snazzy!

With the help of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge, Martin’s idea is quickly becoming a reality. The competition pairs each finalist with a mentor of sorts who helps them materialize their vision.

New Fall Issue d217c

Together, Martin and her mentor Delony Langer-Anderson are testing materials, creating prototypes, and visiting kennels to get inspiration and feedback. Martin is especially hopeful after the success she’s had with the iCPooch on her own dogs.

Maybe someday a 13 year old will invent a time machine so I can return to my youth and do something cool...

To learn more and offer your support, check out the iCPooch Kickstarter!


Thanks to Global Animal

Images via the Spokane Journal and Kickstarter

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