Are you sitting down? Because this news is a game-changer: World of Wonder is producing a webseries called RuPaul Drives. In the show, the amazing queen of drag RuPaul takes special hitchhikers/friends/celebrities on drives (get it? drive as in "drag" race?). With RuPaul behind the wheel, guests will chat. They’ll just chat, that simple. And Ru will give passangers a chance to joke, philosophize, and confide in him: “Everyone in LA needs a lift, both spiritually and physically." The potential for humor, spontaneity, and meaningful insight abounds. 


In the second episode, Ru gives hardcore punk band Black Flag’s frontman Henry Rollins a lift to pick up some art, but he ends up giving him something even more valuable: some of the most beautiful love advice you will ever hear. The two discuss the fears that come with sharing your life and heart with another person, and Rollins feels that he’s missed his chance: in Ru’s car-ride confessional, he admits that he feels he has failed at building a real bond with someone, that he has lacked the “maturity, strength of character, and moral courage” to commit to a romantic relationship. 

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RuPaul totally understands Rollins's feelings, and validates them with a kind, “It’s the scariest thing in the world.” But he hopes to give Rollins the courage to keep trying, to not give up on love. In especially poignant moments, RuPaul says such gems as, “Stay vulnerable. Allow people to see those icky bits” and “The universe is calling you out.” Thank you RuPaul for your words; I’m sure they will resonate with Henry Rollins and many others. Watch the video below. 


Thanks to Accidental Bear and Youtube

Photo via Accidental Bear

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