If you didn't have a Lisa Frank backpack at some point in your life, then I'm sorry your childhood was so miserable. Those iconic neon animals and the weird, ice-cream filled world they lived in was the stuff of dreams. Or the stuff you would hallucinate if someone spiked your Sunny D with acid.  

Not that I would know from experience.

In any case, there's a so-simple-it's-brilliant Tumblr called Funky Fresh in Lisa Frank, and it is exactly as good as you think it is. BASICALLY it's all your favorite men representing L.F. with STYLE.

I saw Ryan Gosling on the M Train last month, sadly he was not wearing this. 

So great. They have all your best friends, wearing all your OTHER best friends. The bunnies doing ballet, the baby panda bears vomiting rainbows, whatever. 

The unicorns were obviously the best ones, tho.

Beautiful. You almost wish we could live in a world where men could walk around freely wearing such debonair attire in real life.

This picture is pertinent to my interests.

But I don't know. Men are already making My Little Pony kinda weird now. Maybe this idea works best as a theoretical.

Going up in my locker this year, lolz!


On second thought, I could be totally down with this.

You can see all of the sharply-dressed men right here!

All images via funkyfreshinlisafrank.tumblr.com.

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